Nebraska Mediator And Trial Attorney Offering  Mediation And Personal Injury Consulting Services

Personal Injury Consulting Services

Attorney Robert Shively has represented parties in personal injury claims for over 35 years. He has seen these claims from three perspectives: Representing plaintiffs, defendants, and as a neutral. Due to this experience, Mr. Shively now provides case review and consulting services in Nebraska personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Three Decades – Thousands Of Cases

Given his vast experience in representing insurance carriers and their policyholders, self-insureds, and governmental entities in personal injury claims and coverage disputes, Nebraska plaintiff attorneys frequently consult with Mr. Shively with regard to their clients’ claims. He understands how “the other side” operates, and the techniques that can be used to maximize claim value through settlement or trial. Services include:

  • Case review and valuation opinions
  • Risk assessment
  • Assistance with preparation of demand letters and claim documentation
  • Expert witness retention
  • Consultation on settlement negotiations
  • Preparation for mediation
  • Participation in mediation

Mr. Shively also provides independent claim review and evaluation services for insurance carriers and self-insureds, as well as providing claim-handling and risk prevention recommendations.

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Mr. Shively’s involvement in your client’s claim can be minimal or extensive, depending on the situation. Typically, services are provided on an hourly rate basis. To discuss how value can be added to your client’s case, please call Mr. Shively at 402-488-5044, or send him an email.